*Please note that we don’t do day/night tickets, fishing only when you book one of the lodges on the lakes. Day fishing only. No tent/bivvy/shelter

Little Horseshoe Lake is divided into two private fishing lakes, one stocked with carp and coarse fish, the other rainbow and brown trout.

Little Horseshoe Lake is very well stocked with some famous carp which weigh in up to 40 lbs. Bring your own equipment or buy from the Tackle Den which is about a mile away. The trout lake has brown and rainbow trout. Experienced fishermen welcomed.

The fishing is included when booking one of the properties and you can carp fish from the decking area of the three one-bed lodges that are on the carp lake. We do not provide any of the fishing equipment, day fishing only, no tent/bivvy/shelter, please see fishing rules before booking.

The Carp lake has Common Carp, Crucian Carp, and Mirror Carp up to 40lb, also some Tench, Roach, and Pike. Lots of fun for the serious fisherman. 

You can fish directly from the deckings of the three one-bed lodges that are on the carp lake. If you choose the Pond Lodge that is a few meters away but has decking over a small pond that is joined with the carp lake, you can fish from the two pegs that are on the right side of the lake opposite the one-bed lodges.

Just over a mile away there is an excellent Tackle shop called The Tackle Den open 7 days a week, they have everything for the angler including, serious kit for the experienced carp fisherman, fresh bait, etc. and are pleased to help with local fishing knowledge. 01285 862716.

We do not provide any of the fishing equipment required.

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Rules and Conditions

General – Day fishing only. No tent/bivvy/shelter

  1. Anglers fish at their OWN RISK. The Owners/Manager/Company do not accept any liability for injury to anglers or their party, or theft or damage to anglers’ property.
  2. Only anglers and visitors who have booked are allowed on the property. Any unauthorised visitors will be asked to leave immediately.
  3. Vehicles must be parked in the car park, must not be driven off road.
  4. The Lodges are strictly No Smoking.
  5. No dogs or any other domestic Pets are allowed. No children are allowed.
  6. ‍No swimming or wading in the carp Lake under any circumstances.
  7. Swimming, boating, kayaking, only in trout lake is allowed and only if signed the liability waiver at arrival.
  8. Bedchairs and fishing chairs are not allowed in the Lodges as they damage the floors.
  9. The owner’s property is to be protected at all times. Any damages should be reported immediately to the Manager/Host.
  10. All litter must be removed.
  11. Disposable BBQ’s are permitted but they must be kept away from the decking’s area.
  12. All anglers to have the required number of Environment Agency fishing licences. 
  13. Day fishing only. No tent/bivvy/shelter

Carp Lake Fishing

  1. Absolutely NO SACKS or keep nets allowed at any time.
  2. No fish are to be introduced or removed from the lake.
  3. ‍Maximum of 3 Rods per angler. If two anglers are sharing a Lodge then a strict two rods per angler limit applies.
  4. Bait Boats are allowed. Please stay within the area of your swim/pitch and fish sensibly.
  5. Fishing with rods and poles only – no hand lines no fly fishing.
  6. Leadcore is not allowed. No Leaders! No bare line above the lead weight.
  7. Tubing must be used. No straight through line.
  8. Coarse pellet only – may be purchased from the tackle shop.
  9. No floating or surface baits, no dog biscuits.
  11. No meat of any kind including cat dog and luncheon meat.
  12. No braid allowed.
  13. Unused bait must not be left on the banks – remove all unused bait and litter.
  14. No fishing more than halfway across the lake.
  15. No fixed leads or feeders – must be free running.
  16. Strictly no Peanuts or Tiger Nuts at any time. Sweetcorn is allowed.
  17. No Shelf Life Boilies to be used as feed (whole or crushed). Pop-ups and hook baits are allowed.
  18. No screw-in rod pods or bank sticks.
  19. No Maggots to be taken into the Lodges. Maggot clips are not allowed.
  20. Swingers or some other form of bite indication on the line as well as audible alarms must be used.
  21. Audible alarms by the lake should not be used on full volume whilst Receivers in theLodges can be as loud as you like! All alarms must have a receiver.
  22. During Spawning periods anglers must comply with any request to stop angling or to fish in areas without spawning activity. As soon as the activity is stopped Anglers will be invited to recommence fishing. We do not anticipate any issue from anglers to comply with this rule as it is to reduce Carp stress and prevent foul hooking at a time when they are pre-occupied and not feeding.
  23.  No anglers under 18 allowed. Anglers must be experienced to fish @ LHL because of the difficulty and size of the Carp.
  24. ‍Anglers must use a Carp Cradle/ weigh slings and unhooking mats. Under no circumstances should fish be removed from the area of the cradle unless being put back in using the weigh sling. All photos must be taken on the bottom deck with the Carp being held above the Carp Cradle.
  25. ‍Fish must always be transported from the Carp Cradle back to the water in the sling. Under no circumstances should a fish be carried in your arms.
  26. All fish should be returned as soon as possible. The sacking of fish is NOT allowed at any time.
  27. A Large Landing Net (Minimum 42 inches) must be used. No other Landing Nets are allowed.
  28. Barbless hooks are to be used at all times. No bent hooks(eg Korda, Mugga)
  29. A minimum breaking strain line of 15lb must be used for Carp fishing. This line should reasonably new as old-line breaks. A lighter line is allowed if you are clearly fishing for other species of fish.
  30. Rigs must be safe with the lead able to eject if the fish gets snagged. Korda-style clips are acceptable but the rubbers must not be forced down too tightly preventing the lead from ejecting.
  31. Zig rigs must have a minimum of 15 lb hook length line.
  32. Anglers must not leave their rods in the water unattended i.e. the angler must not be more than 15 meters away.
  33. No fixed leads or any other ‘death rig’.
  34. No baited rigs to be left on the rods when not in use. This is dangerous to wildlife.
  35. Klink- Inor similar for treatment of hook and other marks is encouraged and appreciated.
  36. Any angler not fishing with the correct equipment will be expected to purchase locally the missing items. 

Whilst alcohol is not banned from the site, drunken behavior will not be tolerated. No shouting, loud music, or anti-social behavior. Please use the toilet facilities. When setting rods on alarms, please use your off switch to maintain the quiet on the lake. Alarms should be used at moderate levels.  Any serious breach or repeated breach of the above will result in guests being asked to leave immediately with no refund.